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My First Tutorial :D --- no curves

ok this is my very first tutorial, and yeah I hope you like the result =)
made with PSP7

how to go from: Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us to Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Start with your background ( when your pic is too darken, you can duplicate this layer and set to screen, that should also work  )

New Layer --- #FA0035 --- Exclusion, 10 %

Duplicate Background (set on the top)--- Soft Light, 100%

Duplicate Background (set on the top) --- Multiply, 65%

New Layer --- # F2A5D2 --- Burn, 52%

Duplicate the pink layer --- Soft Light, 100%

New Layer --- #FFD991 --- Soft Light, 100%

New Layer --- #07122D --- Burn, 20%

New Layer --- #9CC1DB --- Soft Light, 50 %

Duplicate Background (set on the top) --- Soft Light, 100%

You can stop here if you wanna, or do the next and last step...

Go to Hue/Saturation --- (only) Saturation +7

Play with the opacity ;)

hope it's easy to understand ;) if not, feel free to ask ;)
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